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Zhu Liangcai talks about Chinese door culture
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Ask: A surname gentleman, go up period 4 respects that you talked about interesting Chinese door culture, the front that wants to continue to consult Chinese door culture again today, sort and adornment these 3 problems.

A surname: Display according to the ancient prose on China " The Book of Songs " account: “ fills in Xiang Jin door. The “ here points to a window to ” ; “ door ” points to the door.
The ancients should stem to in the winter boreal window, use sludge south the door (make up with Jing Zhu plunge into) Tu Shi, in case air cooling inbreathe is indoor. So Du Fu " Qiang village 3 " still say in the poem: A confusion of voices of sparrow of bird of “ bavin door, a thousand li putting in a guest 's charge comes. The ” front as to the door, mix in north south differs somewhat. We had done very sapid experiment: marmot (one farm rat) put north, south the face of mouth of a cave that it digs, and put south, the mouth of a cave that it digs criterion southeast face. This is the sunshine that accords with summer of winter of Chinese north south and wind direction feature. I have form of a piece of on-the-spot findings report, it is from Chinese northernmost Heilongjiang desert river goes to China all the time southernmost Hainan island 3 inferior, the optimal front that the door is in each areas is endless and identical. For instance: Jiang Zhehu is taken, the optimal front of the door is south slant east 15 degrees or so. Why? Because this front is,northwest wind is blocked in the winter, the optimal way of southeast wind is greeted in summer. Be in " The Book of Changes " in azimuth of medium ” of “ acquired the Eight Diagrams, southeast border is Xun, xun is wind. Its as it happens leaves divinatory symbols at south with Oriental shake divinatory symbols between, represent fire from divinatory symbols, shake divinatory symbols represents thunder, it is to state the home promotes flourishing of course of study, prosperous auspicious. This is the meaning on custom of a kind of culture.

Ask: So can excuse me the door open in other position?
A surname: Look from ancient document data, also be possible. For instance: East the door, have “ violet energy of life east come the lucky view such as ” . The ancients does not open boreal door easily commonly, think to have “ ” of boreal evil spirit. It is boreal door makes winter cold wind is invaded easily actually indoor, apparent to indoor proper temperature adverse. 2 it is the boreal door that lives curtilage does not bask in the sun, cause bacterial small bug extremely easily, adverse to human body health. Say in ancient books: Door of “ northeast day, much move is unusual. ” is afraid what should point to is above adverse at 2 o'clock, baffling into ghosts gods and spirits, be one-sided superstition then say. Medium a few views are offerred in geomantic article, analyse objectively also have so a few truths. For instance: " Gu Jintu book is compositive " in " can area ministry collects take an examination of 25 · this world curtilage 10 books " in say: New pool must not open before “ every gate of an old-style, advocate do not have absolutely child. Because ” is in suddenly before residential door excavate a new pond, to still not be familiar with an environment young child for, fall into water extremely easily be addicted to dies. Say “ so advocate do not have absolutely child ” . This is a kind of more extreme caution. Say again in ancient books: Face each other of “ dung house, carbuncle furuncle often puts ” . From wholesome environment for: ” of face each other of “ dung house, extremely apparent not wholesome make a person extremely easy again go to the bad, fly bite human body also meets caused mosquito of course “ carbuncle furuncle often puts ” .
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