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Landscape of travel of culture of first door of Chinese- - China door (graph)
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The city that face Fen is Di Yao's birthplace, the earliest civilization of old China initiative Yu Yao; Travel landscape is a kind of resource, the culture travel of 21 centuries is distinctive and sunny industry, together with the psychology high emperor of people, below these big setting, of ” of culture of “ root ancestor advocate having extraordinary sense. ” of “ China door is Yao Dou area the large culture project that self-made, independence completes, its building, be wisdom of people of Yao Dou division and force prosperity reflect; Its building, the tree removed monument of civilization of the first an ancient name for China of Chinese, also be one is condensing ethical blood arteries and veins, indication move the mark with China unified solidarity.

The world that is located in Yao Dou district of the city that face Fen the first - - China door

China door is monument of civilization of an an ancient name for China. Shanxi south is the birthplace with the oldest the Chinese nation, can say, the civilized door of the Chinese nation is You Yaoshun open, and the result that China door is commemorative Di Yao to unite civilization of an ancient name for China, open namely, develop source of history of the Chinese nation far and of construction. Accordingly, what China door is represented and reflect is China's most ages ago history culture, can calls the “ the world on culture the first ” .

China door is the door building with the oldest dimensions on the world. Current, the highest door on the world is world-famous French triumphant arch, tall 49. 6 meters, was 1806 Napoleon conquer abstruse Russia allied forces returns in triumph last a period of time 30 years and build. And China door builds 3 years, taller than triumphant arch 0. 4 meters, male house world the first, on building dimensions and height can calls “ the world the first ” .

China door is landscape of travel of culture of the first door of Chinese. China is civilization ancient country, door culture is of long standing and well established, be in the world to go up is unapproachable. The building of China door makes the door builds the culture landscape that becomes develop a school of one's own, open up the brand-new domain that Chinese culture travels, fill the blank that door culture travels. This shows, with respect to travel culture character, the “ the world that China door is Chinese travel the first ” .

China ancestry one scene: Of long standing and well established

China door by base, advocate 3 parts comprise the door and attic, it is imposing manner of an outstanding modelling compatible the grand edifice of style of each period ancient structure, each part is including deep culture connotation. China door advocate the door the chute wall that ahead is as long as 25 meters, the water of the Yellow River of maternal river ——— that representing the Chinese nation of be pregnant with is hanged high and fall, an ancient name for China is civilized from this origin; Intermediate from above to below is ordinal 21 permutation pompon, after representing Yao and Shun summer, business, week, the Qin Dynasty, Chinese wait for 21 histories dynasty, showing China racily civilized 5000 Cong Yaoshun begins of long standing and well established history process; The step with the 56 cinnamon stage that enter course of China door place is representing 56 nations, civilization of implied meaning China was created jointly 5000 by classics of each nation all previous.
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