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Chinese door culture----The door, "From 2, pictographic "
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1993, relics of temple of green banboos of county of river Xi'an blessing gives a clear Dai Kangxi year between cast-iron big clock. Wen Li of the Suo Zhuming on the bell, word of “ door ” is simplified Chinese characters, as identical as our country's legal and general nowadays normative simplified Chinese character. Word of ” of simplified “ door, appear in Gansu Province Ju Yan to go out even person on Han Daijian add. However, the word of ” of dug “ door justice, what still should see it is traditional. “ door ” is the example of pictographic word-formation. The form that resembles, can find certain sign from relics of culture of 2 within village. Relics of 2 within village is county of Henan cease division stage of earth of close quadrate tamper, time takes the place of to business by Xia Daiyan add, somebody thinks it is summerly ruins. Inside area of more than 10000 square metre, involuntary discharge of urine is putting the column hole of a lot of corridor Wu, gate and hall. Relics periphery, origin surrounds the corridor Wu of action to set a gate. Relics gate is in, a gleam of of nine column hole is discharged, demonstrative gate takes 8 place judge door form, the memorial archway that appearance carries on the head as doing not have tile. Word of ” of door of “ of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, make “ 門 ” , make “ 門 ” , also compose “ Piao ” . Among them latter, if form adds one crossbar over two door leaf, be the portraiture of gate of relics of 2 within village probably. The Eastern Han Dynasty " say civil solution word " commentate: “ door, …… from 2, pictographic ” . Door, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty is written for “ Piao ” , it is the pictographic word of only leaf door. One is door, two photographs are the door. One word of “ portal ” , according to word-formation at the beginning of write a law, draw range of 3 door leaf already. The entrance of become more proficient in one's profession, be a building make a part, dimensions is lesser, although may not has door leaf of only leaf door only, but say with “ door ” ; Regard a group of architectural as total passageway, scale is larger, sometimes its itself is a building namely, for instance gatehouse, an arch over a gateway, so times doubler its “ door ” , say with “ door ” . The in any case of diamonds Chinese character casts aside a right-falling stroke between strokes, including prospect, story and thought, “ door ”“ door ” is exemple. “ fan ” also is the name is the same as originally, act as with it the measure word of the door, be language the result that takes development. " month of · of The Book of Rites makes " : “ cultivator is abandoned less, it is ” of Xiu He, fan. Zheng Xuan notes: “ entires with Mu Yue, say with Zhu Wei fan. ” said the different stuff of door leaf. Entire, " Er is elegant · commentate palace " : “ entires calling door leaf. ” door leaf also is the name of door leaf. Open the door the door axis that close, call center. First ancient codes and records of the Qin Dynasty " Lv age " have a famous remark: “ running water not corrupt, door center does not a kind of bag ” , door axis won't by corrode of eat by moth, because its often turn. Shake stalk, the another name of door axis. Secure at issueing cage, bear those who hold door axis in the palm is door joint of bones, also pillow of call at the door to be let in, say with individual character, call “(Mu Wei) ” . The person that secure Yu Shangjian, weigh a doorsill. Be in a few places, have custom of aunt of worshipping door joint of bones. Clear Dai Daoguang 23 years " Wu Jinyang lake closes sign " : The first month of the lunar year 15, woman “ inserts hairpin dustpan to go up impending, your (wood pigs) the ground in order to predict, yun Simen joint of bones tentativelies, lead meaning of violet aunt involuntary discharge of urine greatly. The ” of girl of “ door joint of bones in ” folk-custom belief, mirrorred people of door of face each other adore. Building wall build by laying bricks or stones embeds doorcase, in order to install door leaf, doorcase house late. Doorcase is quadrangular, crossbar calls lintel on, the doorsill has threshold, (wood is broken) wait for alias. Old Chinese character is accumulate contain substantial information library. Use at the Chinese character of the name and description of a thing, have the person that close door person a lot of, arrive from total construction particular member, appellation a variety of, meticulous in a subtle way, mirrorred the ancients the attention of the door to the building. Here no longer retrieval of one by one.

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