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The person that culture of initiate China door travels - visit the total design
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The history always is in coincidence accumulate containing inevitable, su Qingping seeks the relationship that pondering civilization of the door and Yao Dou, door and an ancient name for China. 4700 old before, xian Zudi Yao Jian faces Fen, unite an ancient name for China, by honour for civilized first ancestor, the is not the Chinese nation civilized door of open of place of Monarch Yao of the Supreme Being? Yao Dou area is built because of Di Yao just about hereat and get a name. The Su Qingping that regards Yao Dou as warden of district the first to be appointed to an office formed the originality of the door that founds civilization of an ancient name for China from this.

Below the case that does not have in the respect such as capital, technology, yao Dou area should build “ the world the culture project with the first so large ” , difficulty cans be imagined, and the risk is huge. What appearance is China door? What culture value is there? Capital from why and come? Whether gain the market? Work by right of substantial philosophical strength and rich city building experience, su Qingping leads a layer very quickly to reach consensus with Yao Dou, decisive made decision-making. He should let Yao Dou emersion of this civilized ancient capital is brilliant, create a brand-new travel brand and culture image.

In last a period of time China door of 3 years fights bravely in, of Su Qingping desk with the stack on the ground the professional book of a lot of respect such as building, history, archaeology, geographical, literature. Stem from save and efficiency, he from after knocking the building modelling that decides China door, threw China door the research design of every place and detail. There are 8 heroic Long Zhu in the China hall of China door, su Qingping is designed personally modelled China's oldest stereo dragon form, dragon body is not Pan Zhu and go up, vacate however dangerous float, of view have a mind, be vividly portrayed. The vessel on Chinese history all is odd vessel modelling, the “ interlink that he invents 9 vessels ” , open 9 vessels with one vessel, 9 vessels are be in harmony one vessel, it is Chinese history the first honour the artistic modelling of 9 vessels syncretic, be called China door presses down Men Zhibao, already was protected by national patent.

In 3 years, su Qingping dedicates total off hours in China door building site. He uses “ 3 not ” squeezes a time to consider to build China door, that does not accompany a leader as far as possible namely, do not accompany family, do not go lying fallow. His home is in Taiyuan, just attend a meeting by provincial capital in 3 years had answered a few times. Since the first day when China door began construction 2002, many days of 1000 day night, he every arrive 56 bits earlier building site, detailed examination is explained one time, went to work at 8 o'clock again, go to the countryside, attend a meeting. Come off work in the evening, hurry to China door again, often eat with workers in building site. Inside a year when enter ministry of inside and outside to decorate in China door, he often volt case arrives before dawn 2, at 3 o'clock, the blueprint that studies a design personally amounts to hundreds pieces, design cost only one, su Qingping saved many yuan 200 for China door. The history that he blends in in the design, culture, art and from this the integrated result that protruding shows, exclaim of your expert scholar unceasingly.
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