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The fetch of the door -- Chinese door culture
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Since the mankind has a building oneself, had the history of the door. The earliest building regards defence as beast of prey, the door that serves as passageway so asks only solid, firm. As the times evolve, the door had more culture senses, more hasten diversification, have the branch of door of city gate, palace, hall door, temple door, ancestral temple door, courtyard door, gate of an old-style. In feudal monarch times, build house to the exemple with severe social estate of one a complete set of is made, alleged person divides gentle and simple, door buy discretion.
Chinese ancient time calls the domestic wind of a family ” of “ door wind; familial seniority and prestige calls “ door to look at ” ; Children get married, beg ” of “ be matched for marriage; It is those familial contend for honorarily, make familial the achievement that feels proud calls ” of lintel of “ smooth gate; Official of hold office at court made the law, not only oneself is punished, and return meeting involve in a criminal case 9 a group of things with common features, disaster reachs the whole family, call ” of “ door individual plant. This shows, a family lives the gate of house, it is a passageway not simply, it has become the delegate of a family, symbolized familially.
Stand when the door head with these different styles when us, seemed to enter spatio-temporal satisfy, in returning the hundred years years before, as if the pulse that felt the history, saw elder generation people sunrise and make, sunset and the form of breath. In those days pass in and out the offspring of the people of these doors, no matter nowadays resides where personally, return birthplace to look for ancestors when them people vestigial when, the pain that sees this stone door that each carries original state perhaps can talk about those who solve them to consider country, affection that yearns for ancestors.

Note: This door that approve stone is us old in Zhuhai city town village transforms the collect in the process to arrive.