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Household is decorated should make sufficient appearance time
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At present, the Jing Song that Xin Rui daughter directs Li Shaogong can to call Xiang Xi area greeting of · Ke Ke piece " the door " heating up in mirrorring, ” of film “ door is a profound implied meaning, it is in as the horizontal stroke the protective screen among our heart, separated true with the space between reality. And the door that we should elaborate is not those door however, it is the col that we live in the diameter with the indispensable happy lead toing in the life.

City of Beijing violet gold, greatly small city gate together another; Pasuolini " 1001 night " the city of build by laying bricks or stones of the stone in the film, mohammedan justice grain appearance is engraved on city gate, discrepancy does not forget day and night in safety; The Luo Kefei on 5 highways straps Manhadudi the center is numerous make a mouth, anaglyph of line of the gold on black lacquer gate is fluent bright beautiful.

Thought of “ appearance ” suddenly this word, look ” of kongfu of appearance of the “ in Chinese character is to have trace to the source but target-seeking.

In Chinese ancient time, the meaning of the door besides it is to protect the home to protect garden, mainer effect is class grade is indicative, forbidding of social estate of its discretion bulk. The standard width of a room in an old-style house that Tang Dynasty ever abandoned door house to house of official of different official rank in feudal times counts a pace to wear number to have strict regulation, impassable, the Ceng Ji in king city system carries, ground of “ palace door is high 3 feet 2 inches of 5 cent ” , what act the role ofing of 4 the door, a tower over a city gate nod history of golden ……” China with viridescence is hall of “ front door, around, broad and profound, the history that connects the door is so of long standing and well established also.

Make sufficient appearance time

Should say to live in medium door.

A lot of people make great efforts in furniture furnishings, forgot to guard the first big entrance that close however. What did not forget you are used actually is wood be steel or it is glass, the color of the gate and quality of a material are feeling of mood of whole and indoor structure is premonitory with clew, gate, it is. So appearance kongfu is quite important.

When the aesthetic level when consumer rises gradually, the industry of the door also becomes more and more beautiful, this is a kind of aesthetic demand and inside of door industry promote each other. The door, like beginning to resemble dress multicolored much appearance, classics of pink, light yellow, Dan La, grass green, shallow palm, deep coffee, bright white, pure black …… is different after craft is handled, these exterior effects are quite outstanding, these are attributed to the stylist design on the door. And there is sealed new discovery forever at the back of the door of “ of a word that KimJohnsonGross of my believe in once had said ” , after the tentative idea that satisfying my colour and design so, I began qualitative to new material door to have a kind of extravagant hopes.
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