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Environmental protection of safety of domestic outfit project is the most signif
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Summary: Passed the seismic final exam this year, the consideration when people is being decorated is practical, convenient and comfortable while, also pay close attention to safe problem more. Safety and environmental protection, it is a family the serious problem that in decorating, nots allow to ignore absolutely, must perforative the whole process such as the design that decorates at the family, select material and construction. Otherwise, beautiful backside is probable it is countless hidden trouble. The potential that intelligence influences household market is tremendous [compere] : Shenyang always, hello! Ask you to make simple company mind above all. . . . . Full text is readAct wall course of study already achieved pane of Chinese aluminous door international levelFirst energy-saving office building use sunshade Low-E glassMarket of sunshade of small family future grows a tendencyAlong with market internationalization door window industry enters stable development gradually period decorate avoid ruinous

Some habitant to change the dimensional space of original bedroom, random removes main wall or pledge main wall instead gently glass. Some habitant to be on the wall hole opens the door, reinforcing steel bar getting power is cut off on main wall. These practices cause floor craze extremely easily. Accordingly, in principle should avoid to undertake transforming to original bedroom structure as far as possible. If must be transformed, answer to fall in the guidance of professional, through pouring the method such as concrete lintel or erect girder undertakes consolidate, in order to ensure safe.

The 100 technical personnel that how reside decorate center remind everybody, do not use overweighting data. Decorate in the family in, the wall inside the marble of laid of level ground of drive up ground, large area, build by laying bricks or stones that use a brick and do the condole with complex structure to support wait to need a large number of use to overweight sometimes material, may make of the building bearing design a standard more than, bring about the building tilts and sink. Accordingly, in the family light simple stuff should choose as far as possible in decorating. When level ground of drive up ground, can choose lighter pearl piece material, avoid to use the ferroconcrete of sincere structure; When laid granite and marble, answer to control laid area as far as possible; The wall body of disjunctive room had better use light steel keel or inside the timberwork that writes sound insulation heat-insulating material; When the top that make put in a fur lining, should simplify structure, choose light simple stuff.
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