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More and more decorating amount to a person to begin his to start work the curta
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Summary: Select material considers each room to need the bedroom of modern actually, curtain of general pensile double deck even triple window shade, after passing every year mid-autumn, a few quite " exquisite " the family is about to change a curtain. Pick next deft thin curtains, change the winter of curtain feel well of massiness. Generally speaking, when the card fabric that choose a window, ought to consider the integral effect of the bedroom. The potential that intelligence influences household market is tremendous [compere] : Shenyang always, hello! Ask you to make simple company mind above all. . . . . Full text is readAct wall course of study already achieved pane of Chinese aluminous door international levelFirst energy-saving office building use sunshade Low-E glassMarket of sunshade of small family future grows a tendencyAlong with market internationalization door window industry enters stable development gradually period the curtain fabrics of different quality of a material, can produce different adornment result: Linen-cotton curtain is simple and easy and comfortable, silk curtain is gorgeous, gauze shade romance is elegant. When the fabrics that chooses a curtain, should consider the real need of each rooms above all. The fabrics; sitting room that bathroom, kitchen should choose anticorrosive and waterproof, easy catharsis can choose the fabrics with strong sex of luxurious air, adornment, for instance the; study such as silk, gauze should choose color quietly elegant, pervious to light the fabrics; bedroom with good sex should choose the fabrics with shading good sex, can let you loosen body and mind, the fabrics that for instance cotton pledges or hemp pledges.

Curtain design and color is very important to living in adornment, the chooses to want the window size with the room, habitant age of design, decorative pattern and photograph of indoor furniture color are harmonious, choose pair of design and color to be able to hold the action that makes the finishing point since the effect to integral home.

If the color of cloth of curtain of only pure consideration is mixed design, that is very simple, but should match with whole bedroom harmony rise, not be an easy thing. Above all, want to consider what to choose the design of design and color of the curtain, the design and color of fabric wants to be coordinated with bedroom photograph. General proposal is, the environment that is in an area according to the house and seasonal balance are certain. Considering bedroom heat preservation, curtain of Qiu Dong season should be given priority to character with cotton, color can use the warm color such as pink, orange. Coordinate from bedroom whole say on angle, the colour and lustre that should consider curtain and wall body, furniture, floor to wait is harmonious. If furniture is of brunet attune, should choose relatively the curtain of light color, have parallax so, can let a person feel the space is some larger, still can have avoided deep color to make the person produces depressive move.
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