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Market of domestic outfit estate is small it is difficult to confuse brand of in
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Summary: Jin Jiuyin 10, two gold of former city pointing to a building, car city sell season. And with this close together and relevant household the home holds job, the downstream industry nature that regards a building as city also has " Jin Jiuyin 10 " say. It is this year only, the house property that lost perch of in former years to grow sells outstanding achievement, in building materials, artificial wait for charge to involve the pressure that raise successively, ball of cold blue wind is already pensile a long time. The potential that intelligence influences household market is tremendous [compere] : Shenyang always, hello! Ask you to make simple company mind above all. . . . . Full text is readAct wall course of study already achieved pane of Chinese aluminous door international levelFirst energy-saving office building use sunshade Low-E glassMarket of sunshade of small family future grows a tendencyAlong with market internationalization door window industry enters stable development gradually period home occupies industry: "1000 house one side " innovation brand is difficult

In the industry stagnant big setting falls, household industry must choose hasten to reduce cost to be the same as, the wind that borrowed grows in intensity.

Doing not have originality is the deadly injury of tide product, chinese home resides the market now, the product is full of beautiful things in eyes, but in these commodity, similar or we often see similar product, original, what can let a person shine at the moment is little however little. And in wanting to occupy an industry in the home, make a brand that has appeal power, what basically look is the product at the back of the brand has appeal power, can reflect the personality of the brand, the product that does not have originality hits those who knock down is consumer to buy interest directly, let the product that consumer looks at without desire to buy, it is having what kind of force to oneself brand is self-evident then.

Above all personnel of design of our country household is lacked badly, with Guangdong the province is exemple, have nearly 10 thousand household to produce enterprise and on 1000 household to sell, but the stylist of one's previous experience of regular professional training is not worth 1000 people actually however. The severe shortage that designs a handsome appearance makes household sells have no way of field product innovation to speak of. Even if has a share manufacturer and sell greatly have more design talented person, and can go with bigger energy and financial capacity undertake products plan innovates, but the borrowed wind of general be current inside the industry lets these selling flinch.
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