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The concerned knowledge of the curtain
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Summary: The curtain is having important place in people life. In newest building design, partition of large French window, balcony, big glass already became fashion, to it the curtain class of form a complete set also rises accordingly. The bedroom that repairs in new clothes, public in, the cost of the curtain also is in increase ceaselessly. Sunshade, pervious to light, downy, sweet curtain can make you feel comfortable and happy. The curtain is mobile picture, it is metabolic wall, it is breathed music. Rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, curtain market is very broad. The potential that intelligence influences household market is tremendous [compere] : Shenyang always, hello! Ask you to make simple company mind above all. . . . . Full text is readAct wall course of study already achieved pane of Chinese aluminous door international levelFirst energy-saving office building use sunshade Low-E glassMarket of sunshade of small family future grows a tendencyAlong with market internationalization door window industry enters stable development gradually period the function of the curtain:

Tone light and illicit are close, prevent bask in dirt, as beautiful as adiabatic, sound insulation and filter wait with health care.

The sort of the curtain:

The design of the curtain has hang down curtain, wave, flat tension, draw a form, hang type and fluctuation open type to wait partly. Appropriate curtain design can correct the undesirable scale of the window, have the effect of balanced space. Usually, tall and narrow window, optional length just passed the short sign of windowsill, had stretched window frame to two side, expose the largest window as far as possible, can make window generation is added wide with the effect that shorten. Wide and short window, optional long shade, tall shade, curtain letting shade is clingy window frame, width of cloak window frame, make up for the inadequacy of length. In the meantime, the utility of the room is different, choose a curtain to also should be distinguished somewhat. Be like the horizontal window of the kitchen, the curtain is long reach windowsill can. Sitting room or type of be born of big room choice grow a curtain, appear easy air. Length of average room curtain grows 20-30cm than windowsill, it is advisable that width is controlled with controlling each to extend 16cm.
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