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2008 (Beijing) exposition of wall of act of international door window
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Exhibition of wall of act of window of 2008 Beijing door

- exposition of wall of act of the first window of Asian

Extend meeting time: 2008? In November? 18-21 day

Exhibit meeting site: China International exhibits central · Beijing

Extend meeting scope: 30, 000 smooth rice

Contact: Zhang Ling phone: 010-84600838 mobile phone: 13717826067

Sponsor an unit: China builds metallic structure society

China International shows central group company

Undertake unit: Boreal capital harbor shows limited company

Abroad assist run an unit: Nuremberg whole world reads extensively company

Support an unit: Housing of People's Republic of China and ministry of urban and rural construction

China International commerce promotes committee

Federation of manufacturer of wall of act of German door window

Manufacturers Association of American door window

Association of Russia door window

Manufacturers Association of wall of act of Spanish door window

Norwegian timberwork door window association

Association of American country glass

Committee of grade of American door window

Institute of international window film

2. Postpone meeting brief introduction

Profit from China builds the opportunity that the market expands at full speed in recent years, in various government sector and relevant guild support energetically below, since 2003,

Through 5 years breed wholeheartedly, the exposition of wall of act of window of large and professional door that Fenestration China has made China and even Asian area come first on the list. Current exhibit can anticipate dimensions will exceed 30 thousand square metre and with one action ascends the 3rd gate of body world exhibition of wall of window major act, dimensions is next to German Nuremberg Fensterbau/frontale and American Glassbuild America.

The platform with Fenestration China tectonic place offerred efficient unifinication to construct a field the solution is safeguarded outside the building. Its exhibit limits include from glass of profile, building, treatment rubber of fittings of mechanical equipment, hardware, construction, sealed product arrives system of wall of door window act and finished product inside whole set technology and product. In domestic and international wall of active door window act and relevant enterprise all are participated in, this part enterprise includes Shenyang case of wall of act of river of ambitious, river, Germany brilliance of the rising sun, Haidelu. Same, with Dalian fact heart, Guangdong promotes hair, bay beauty, Mei Ling stalking or branch aluminium that is a delegate model profile enterprise, firm bright, strong, Yang establishs the country promote, Ji Si, silk is auspicious Ya, surely triumphant power, Nuo holds the door window hardware that is a delegate in the palm enterprise, the hollow glass such as beautiful of day day heart, De Erda, Hua Ya, Weigema, Xie Lu is made reach treatment equipment company and Guangzhou the river of Bai Yun, Hua Gui, Hangzhou, An Tai is chemical. Accordingly, exhibit the meeting is annual the attention that can draw the audience of nearly 30000 industries that comes from company of interior of industry of wall of door window act and development business, architect, engineering.
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