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Supply all sorts of " install solid " door of the indoor suit that avoid lacquer
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Country installs gate of the solid suit that avoid lacquer, use high grade data, via advanced technology, below high temperature high pressure laminating sticks a face and become. Modelling elegance, fight concussion, changeless form, have good sound insulation, adiabatic, moistureproof, moth-proofing, acid-proof alkaline, wear-resisting is brushed, the advantage such as Yi Qing manage. Natural woodiness emulates laminating to stick a face, mu Wen is distinct, natural, each design all has peaceful shaddock, black Hu Tao, red cherry, Tie Tao wood, Shabili, , red Hu Tao, black Hu Tao, Bai Shui is music willow, pure wait for ten breed in vain. Avoid paint, the door is covered deserve to install, make construction very convenient, more the requirement that gets used to current green environmental protection, it is villa, school, office building, bazaar, hospital, recreational fitness etc public the ideal that reachs the life to occupy the home uses the door. Be in now the whole nation sincere sign area agent, welcome connection of incoming telegram of bearer of the person that have keep in mind!

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