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Door of art dragon wood welcomes agency of Heibei Xing stage ardently join in
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Xing Tai has the good name of the ground ” that “ gets the better of by danger, form according to hill. Having mountain of famous celestial being old man (call Zhang Guo Laoshan again) , the beauty spot such as hill of Bai Yunshan, small Western Paradise, Ling Xiao, have inviting view of “ hero, danger, strange, deep and remote ” . Churchyard has be apart from today individual plant of 2000 old “ is expensive 8 feet, flower is like dish of ” to be called what the god spends greatly Chinese peony; Hole of white cloud of hill of the Kong that arrive a town fastens dissolve grotto scene, modelling has peculiar characteristic and unique value, be known as ” of “ northward a special skill.

Those who come from Heibei Xing stage model the impression that always reached its daughter to leave profundity to us: Amiable, honest, laborious, respect property.

Model total experience classics two, the time of 3 months, those who pass manufacturer of door of much home wood is on-the-spot make an on-the-spot investigation, seeing the existing stock of company storeroom raw material, the net fluctuation of the locomotive situation with the advanced treatment favorable facilities of whole set, production technological process that understood standardization of door of art dragon wood, ERP is odd system and perfect “ after the after service system of type of ” of one continuous line, signed with the company at once join in contract.

Brand shop of station of Xing of door of art dragon wood will be in Xing stage city resurgence on the west ave 289 come on stage ceremoniously, welcome person of all Xing stage to have a look, experience door of wood of “ art dragon? True core is true art the essence of ” . Wish door of art dragon wood is become play the part of beautiful the window of your bedroom!