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Wooden door course of study wanders in the crossroad of capital operation
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Before time goes backwards, the wooden door that uses in people family is carpentry is being finished mostly the big core that remain is used when decorating board stick a skin, brush on lacquer, put up with is worn mount goes. However, this kind of spot made the wooden door of installation had done not have the market in a lot of places now, those who replace is door of fashionable finished product suit.
According to not complete count, only the wooden door enterprise of Beijing has nearly 339, liaoning area also has about a hundred. In fact, from 2003 wooden door industry grows up to now, the enterprise that stands in same scratch line at the outset already began to pull open a distance, some grows in high speed, some overtakes in directly, return some to already stepped forward dimension difficult. Be in the lead company inside the industry to put the view more long-termly gradually, they are considering their enterprise how to can realize qualitative leap and promotion next. In the market with so brutal competition, of resource recombine to appear with conformity particularly important, this also cannot leave capital operation at the same time, cannot leave a smooth financing channel.

Annex recombines can effective integrated resource

Limited company carries industry of timber of Shenyang the Milky way namely annex recombines development to rise. General manager Li Weiyi says: “ we now plant area of 5 main body, only 1 is industry of timber of the Milky way at first, other come true through buying. The plan recombines again this year 1 to 2 enterprises, if requirement of field of wooden retail sales is driving, we still want to develop outside. ”

“ grandchildren tells ‘ not battle and get the better of ’ , the enterprise tells ‘ to create La Hai ’ , the competition that did not compete is highest competition, the competition that did not compete in fact is very difficult implementation. ” Li Weiyi says, I think “ what we may accomplish is to reduce competition, or avoid competes. How does avoid compete? Annex recombines is one of main way, we hold the ultimate goal that recombines concurrently is to reduce a competitor. It is to increase company force additionally, enlarge enterprise dimensions, raise the market to have rate, and the most important is conformity is mixed optimize resource. If our interior is put in the enterprise of likeness of Wu of two family property at the same time, two enterprises should sell a branch twice, branch of two human affairs, if conformity becomes an enterprise to be able to have department of a sale, branch of a human affairs is OK, this is resource optimize configuration. From us enterprise oneself is told, we should use up the force utmost conformity of own individual to optimize, make natural resources the greatest change. ”

“ of course, presumable enterprise does not hope to be bought, but I think, want benefit to expand at business development only, no matter which are planted,the method can be used. If have actual strength,powerful company is willing to buy line of business of wood of the Milky way now, want to be able to make the development of the Milky way more good only, we are gay. ” Li Weiyi says.
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