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Making pattern of whole nation of wooden door brand is crucial
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The tradition that July is sale of terminal of wooden door industry is off-season, the company often turns during this and accelerate permeate to region market; Meanwhile, the beginning of the year already enlarged the area brand of scale of production to step the pace of countrywide dilate amain.

Below current condition, area brand wants market of assault whole nation on one hand, should save oneself to be in again on the other hand the advantage of region market, pressure and challenge coexist.

Area brand already was become march countrywide situation

After the agitation of the quantity on “ enlarge factory comes to an end, the market competition of brand of Sichuan wood door entered the brand of area of a gleam of that a brand-new level —— makes more perfect to carrying out the whole nation effectively to push a plan, change of this one strategy spurred the great ambition of market of whole nation of go on an expedition of brand of second line area greatly.

The personage inside ” course of study points out, “ does not pass, even if grand base, 1000 plain sales volume had accomplished trade of Sichuan wood door before one, 2, but the judge level with current foundation, still do not belong to right countrywide brand. ”
Card of the essay in industry of Chinese wood door is more, more dispersive, respective market share is not large, this is the problem that oneself of wooden door brand exists; On the other hand, from come up objectively tell, difference of region market demand is big, cause brand of countrywide wood door to accomplish very large portion very hard thereby. In light of such analysis, the difficulty that area brand wants break out of an encirclement to make national brand is very great.

Difficulty did not hold back second line brand to march countrywide determination. Will tell from the market position of brand of second line area, had begun its national distribution, this is the significant move that makes countrywide brand. The 2nd evidence is, these brands become area in effort after strong brand, also begin to save city to begin to permeate to Sichuan periphery. The expert points out, these area brands although the strategy is not quite whole still, not quite mature, but the tendency that had had market of whole nation of break out of an encirclement.

Drive mode to become decisive logistics to ensure

Had the ” of strategic “ centre that extends the whole nation, the “ rachis ” that still needs mode comes specific carry out. “ finds a kind of likely pattern to drive area brand to undertake countrywide dilate, mode is its strike the fundamental strength of the market. The personage inside ” this course of study puts forward.

To at present already preliminary pattern of shaping field of countrywide timber retail sales, does the possibility that area brand makes the countrywide brand on real significance have how old? For the analysis, the element that supports area brand development basically has 4: It is the support of layout above all, want to have idea of national brand strategy, ability makes each countrywide keys save city to be able to see a product, note reasonable control cost even at the same time; It is integrated mode next, the management of the respect waits in channel, personnel, quality, any link cannot bear integrated unreasonable, can be in to the brand in that way countrywide development has negative effect; Have again even if be not the brand strategy that often makes clear; Finally is unified brand transmission. All sorts of elements are short of one cannot.
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