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Fire retardant wooden door of treatment
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Quality of fire retardant wood doors related to the fire resistance of wood fire doors, fire doors so many manufacturers have set up the processes for the production process of the special process control points, but due to the lack of mature technology retardant process of order, resulting in various manufacturers of flame retardant technology vary, flame-retardant technology is not reasonable, can not guarantee the quality of flame retardant, fire doors lead to severe lower fire resistance, to people's lives and property caused by the potential risks. The Company as the province's first wooden fire door manufacturers in the ten years of the production process, and gradually worked out a set of flame-retardant technology is relatively mature, are summarized as follows order to the technical study brothers and manufacturers, and to urge professional be criticized and corrected those. Wood commonly used flame retardant methods: spraying, soaking, cooking method, vacuum, vacuum pressure method. Spray and immersion method is generally used without further processing of the wood planing surface, and the sheet thickness less than 10mm fire-retardant treatment, does not apply to the production of wood fire doors. Vacuum and vacuum pressure method, while flame-retardant effect is excellent, but because of expensive equipment, fire doors manufacturers in the province also no use. Currently most of the enterprises in our province fire doors fire-retardant treatment by cooking method. The author believes that the introduction of fire-retardant treatment method for cooking should note the following: 1, to be treated wood also does not have wet dry To be flame-retardant effect of wood moisture content of wood is an important factor in the quality of flame retardant. Because of dry wood into the fire after the pool tend to be more easily absorbed liquid flame retardant, and flame-retardant liquid timber volume is absorbed directly affect the quality of the wood fire, the absorption of oxygen index and flame retardant and flame retardant wood is proportional to the depth of relationship. Wood absorbs more liquid flame retardant, flame retardant wood, the better the higher the oxygen index, the deeper the flame. However, many companies believe that, anyway, even when the wood fire retardant solution is wet, so the low point of high moisture content of wood has little to do, to be general, without drying the wood fire-retardant treatment, and even individual enterprises the wet side just sawing wood for fire-retardant treatment. I do not know what the moisture content of wood will affect the flame is precisely the quality, resulting in inconsistent quality flame retardant wood. According to tests, the same fire conditions, the moisture content of timber less than 15% higher than the moisture content of 40% of the timber can be increased by 5 or more oxygen index, flame retardant to improve the depth of 3mm or more. 2, the first fire retardant timber of water and then In the flame process, most manufacturers are using equipment plus fire retardant wood → → → start fire with water in the order. Generally, water timber is the largest first time, the use of wood in the process often results in very low concentrations began to absorb the liquid flame retardant, so that the process of the wood fire, but also absorbed by the wood fire of a concentration by the low concentrations over the course of the normal concentration of a direct impact on the wood dry salt absorption and absorption rate, thereby affecting the flame retardant effect. The use of water plus fire retardant → → → install wood fire started in the order, timber is absorbed by the beginning of the standard concentration of flame retardant liquid, thus avoiding the absorption of the flame retardant liquid timber from low concentration to normal levels over the course of , thereby increasing the flame retardant quality. If the business able to do so, can the provisions of preparation of first flame retardant solution and then adding the concentration of the pool fire, flame quality will be better. 3, stamped flame retardant to reduce the evaporation rate of liquid In the course of our normal fire, heat exposure for the general process of cooking, resulting in flame-retardant liquid evaporates too quickly, often during a fire retardant in the pool to the need to constantly add water. The flame retardant of wood absorb liquid from the high concentrations to low concentrations of dissolved, and then absorb the high concentration to low concentration of dissolved again, thus reducing the absorption of flame-retardant liquid timber of dry salt. However, if the use of sealed flame retardant added during the first raw water can be avoided, and the second ensures that the flame retardant concentration of the pool will not fluctuated, and the third can also save energy. If you still can not avoid the middle of water, it should be added to the prepared liquid flame retardant, to ensure the flame retardant liquid pool concentration constant. 4, the material at room temperature Many fire retardant wood doors manufacturers in the process is often time as the flame-retardant standards, in accordance with the rules and the required time, the time comes to an immediate discharge. This will enable workers to the workpiece during operation due to hot is not conducive to labor protection and, more importantly, the timber cool by the heat in the process of expansion and contraction of wood inside the cells produced by a certain negative pressure, were treated wood The role will be to further absorb the negative pressure flame retardant liquid, thereby improving the quality of fire-retardant treatment. In general, under the same tooling technology, the use of the technology can significantly improve the quality of flame retardant, flame retardant wood depth increased from 6-8mm to 10mm or more specimens from the wood surface at the oxygen index 6mm more than 30 to 40, fully meet the processing technology of wooden fire door requirements.