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Wulanchabu seized three hundred fire unqualified fire doors
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To actively cooperate with the "119" Fire Awareness Week activities, the firm failed to curb the harm of fire protection products, fire brigade Wulanchabu Inner Mongolia in the city within the depth of the fire to fight against counterfeit products, special rectification actions. November 11 morning, fire brigade sent Ulanqab Inspection Unit sales of fire protection products within the city and the construction of units to combat counterfeit and shoddy products, special campaign fire. Meanwhile, the joint industry and commerce, quality supervision departments of the business area, shopping malls, construction works in a security check, the city TV station full of activities carried out follow-up reports. The action, fire brigade checked the 43 under construction, the building with automatic fire control facilities 71, and seized 300 fire doors failed, failed dampers 240, 120 fire hose failed, failed fire extinguishers 210, to investigate the failure of fire protection products, in accordance with all relevant law enforcement procedures were confiscated and destroyed, and the parties were punished accordingly, effectively purify the city's fire protection product market, and promote the health of fire protection product market, standard and orderly development, and ensuring the people's lives and property.