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Unlicensed production of "fire door" was closed down dens
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Recently, the Joint Fire Tangyin Quality Supervision Bureau, Public Security of the ancient town, a suspected unlicensed production Yin fire door manufacturers were investigated in a timely manner to eliminate potential safety problems of product quality fire doors, fire doors regulate local production. Not meet the standard fire doors would not achieve the role of fire, people's lives and property can not be protected, increasing the difficulty of fire suppression, hazard is very large, in the event of a fire is likely to cause casualties, and thus to guarantee the quality of fire protection products , clean environment, fire safety, the effective elimination of fire hazards. The investigation of cases, a strong blow to the production and sale of substandard products, illegal fire, the fire and to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products into the market, product quality, eliminate fire hazards caused by fire, endangering public safety.