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Variable security doors fire doors under the foreman said the boss sets
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Design drawings and fire safety requirements are to install fire doors, but the owner has requested the construction side will become a fire door security doors, fire acceptance of unsatisfactory results, resulting in more than 900 million project contractors money wasted. Meanwhile, the site has been a bunch of names as officers smashed, causing economic losses of more than 30 million. Contractors that the owner set up a "woes", its purpose is to not want to pay for projects, and began to higher levels of government departments. September 25, party secretary QIU Kunming and comments "Please Yong assigned after marking", land, planning and other departments formed a working group to immediately investigate the matter. The owner of this explanation is that the building is mainly office and residence, there is no need to install fire doors. But the house has not yet passed the acceptance, after acceptance to be bound to fulfill the original contract, to pay all the project funds, there is no established set of lies. Foreman: Loaning construction, 9,000,000 bathing Xing Xishan District Court in the road, there is a 7 storey building, it is "Kaihua book circle" of the complex building, just renovated the whole building's exterior is completed, the yard stacked with a lot of templates and other construction equipment, several Check with strict security personnel into the door. "From entering the site to build a house to the cap, employers do not have a penny, and I am full of a loan shark, now a thousand million in debt." Contractors Pengmou said in early 2008, after a friend, he met the self-employed Dengmou. At that time, Deng looking for people to develop their own piece of land, but was surrounded by wasteland, looking for a twenty or thirty companies no one is willing to invest in housing, and eventually he came. Pengmou said, December 3, 2008 the two sides formally signed the contract. Deng's construction because of lack of funds, both parties agree the project by his full Loaning construction. Support for the village of way for projects agreed upon were: the "round Kaihua book" Building construction area shall be deducted as an advance construction, non-payment of progress payments. No matter how the price of the housing market after the Change, agreed to the price per square meter by 3650. 11 February 2009 began, 15 November 2009 completion. Peng Bao, said the company in view of his Dengmou cash flow difficulties during the operation of their help when the two sides on June 1, 2009 signed a "Supplemental Agreement", agreed to offset the advance standards for projects of housing price change to 3300 yuan per square meter, while Deng commitment gave him two parking spaces. After completion, he was 16 November 2009 submitted to the Tang, "Completion Report" and acceptance, more than a year, Deng did not acceptance of the house, looking for her hundreds of times, hit countless phones, been rejected. Reason is that the fire door into a security door, leading to failed fire inspection. Peng Bao said that in the process of construction and fire departments have to check off, requiring the channel must be installed on each floor fire doors, but insisted on the installation of security doors Dengmou. As the construction side, he can only listen to the arrangements. Finally, unqualified acceptance, the responsibility of all Deng pushed him again, he finally sued Deng. October 10 this year, led a large number of officers rushed to the site Dengmou of machinery and equipment and various building materials were smashed, causing direct economic losses of 30 million. "The other side sent me for projects 9,228,411.74 yuan, should be a total area of 3735.32 square meters of housing deduction for projects entrusted to me, and go through the middle only to be registered. And now it is not paid a penny, not one square meter of the house to, and also I am out of the site. I came to realize that after making inquiries, she wanted me to fire into the security door security doors, its purpose is to not want to pay for projects. "Pengmou said. Chief Engineer: housing prices skyrocketing, companies want to breach of contract "The main reason is the skyrocketing price of the lot into trouble, the company does not give room to a breach of contract." Chief engineer employed by the Dengmou Mr. Wang confirmed that, initially, the two discuss Deng Peng, Peng first advanced by the construction funds, the house is completed Deng arrived with a floor area of one third of the money to do engineering Peng. Peng within 8 months of 5000 square meters to build a good building, with a total Loaning nearly 1,000 million, while Deng is not a penny too. Well now the house built, and the lot prices rose high, and Deng to turn against a person. "In the past 3,300 yuan per square meter house, at least in the current market price of 6,000 yuan or more, all for the works at about the 10 million yuan, and 3,000 square meters of the house can be sold for 20 million yuan or more at least." Mr. Wang that, Deng kept his word is what makes sense. During this period, as the company cash flow problems, he has to Peng Deng on behalf of more than a million of borrowed funds for the company's daily expenses and working capital, as well as part of the funds so far have not returned. Mr. Wang said, the house built, the fire test to detect the company's people, so Deng out drawings, see the installation of fire doors that should have a place but the placement of security doors, fire detection therefore has not been passed. "Tang has been advocating the installation of security doors that do not want to project a successful final acceptance, Peng does not want to pay off." Out of the stack of material from Mr. Wang, indeed you can see Dengmou multiple instructions to be security door fire door into the relevant content. Boss: Through acceptance, we must pay Boss Dengmou told reporters, "Kaihua book circle" in the early construction, as companies with bad bank loans, funds are tight, a friend introduced to the contractors Pengmou, the two sides will co-housing. Contract is very clear, the company out, the other pad housing finance, building a house repair completion, acceptance, use one-third of the total area of housing to offset the construction cost. The two sides agreed to the price per square meter by 3650, and later faced a financial crisis because the company has dropped to 3300 per square meter. In regard to this contract agreement, Dengmou said the company will not change. Now the reason why no payment for work under the contract, mainly because of the construction project has not yet passed the acceptance, especially in the fire door installed as a security door, bringing a lot of trouble, leading to failed fire inspection, only to re- rectification. "Because we are mainly office and live person, I feel no need to install fire doors, installation of security doors is sufficient, but there is no established set of deceptive argument. Until after passing inspection, we will perform the contract with the Pengmou absolutely there is no argument not to pay for projects. We coordinate the two sides can sit down and coordinate Well, no need to sue me. " Dengmou said the company had more than 100 million loan 彭某 is not accurate, these models are the company's Chief Engineer Mr. Wang for the individual, not the company asked him to go, nor do I have her permission and approval, so also should not have to repay by the company. Currently, the Kunming Intermediate People's Court has accepted the case, the two sides exchange evidence the day before yesterday, hearing the matter on March 22, the working group of relevant government departments are also being investigated.