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Shandong share rises value of area poplar wood is little
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Although the man-made of our country board what the industry entered a tradition at present is off-season, raw material is used up entered insipid period. But the reporter is in Shandong part area to cover the situation that understands recently is, the price of log of small-sized Yang Mu appeared small wave motion, rise 30-80 yuan / square. Because cut,main reason is the conduction of card suffers be restricted, cause occurrence tension of Yang Mu supply and demand, cause partial area to admire rise in price. But because enter off-season, demand is reduced; Yang Mu rises and come back cut wooden skin price fall, cause Shandong provincial the wooden skin enterprise of close half is in condition of half stop production. Nevertheless, according to the convention of in former years, this kind of circumstance will be maintained in August the middle ten days of a month, second half of the year will get changing.