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Suffer raw material to affect when the river rises the boat goes up-particular t
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Suffer lumber to rise in price the influence that reachs labor cost to increase, value of wooden door product also begins when the river rises the boat goes up too. Sell through partial building materials of field visit know, because manufacturer will be moved on producer price 5 to 10 percent, the price that sells a take advantage of an opportunity to will appear on the market to be tasted newly did fine tuning.
Show according to concerning statistic, after from last year lumber rose in price in August, home is very much urban wood door rises in price, guangzhou bead of trigonometry area go up be in about 5% to 10% , and the long triangle city with the estate relatively prosperous market such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou is swelled also be in 10% above. Compound pupil produces domestic real wood island of emperor of enterprise the Qin Dynasty blocks Er triumphal Mu Yi tastes · Piao Xuezhe of limited company general manager expresses, producer price of product of door of wood of company of the beginning of the year go up moved 5% the left and right sides. Although,he thinks of raw material price rise make the rigid cost of wooden door industry raises somewhat, but whole industry is stabler.

“ material price rose so much, worker pay rose one times, wooden door price does not rise impossibly. Zhou Fengxian of limited company general manager says course of study of wood of China power of city of bridge of ” big stone. The price of enterprise wood door that he is in this year also go up moved 5% .

Operator of door of the wood inside course of study thinks generally, big environment of field of retail sales of our country timber won't produce major change 2008, market demand still can maintain the growth of taller extent.

In the meantime, companies of many wooden door production are not willing to involve rise in price this one sensitive topic, go up with do not go up to be chosen hard to manufacturer. The plan that “ our preparation rises in price is announced what suffer a lot of agency is inimical, if rise in price,even agency expresses to be about to abandon acting as agent, our producer price did not go up from beginning to end rise. The manager of enterprise of door of a wood says ” Shijiazhuang helplessly.

Competition of mainland of wooden door product is quite intense, a few medium or small enterprise great majority are not willing to allege in this moment raise price. Enterprise of some wood door produces business to say, an act that raise price may make the enterprise is immersed in passivity, be squeezed to break down by competition even.

Industry of timber of Wei lane Lu Ban wooden door product did not carry limited company this year valence, president Fu Mingjin expresses, the company falls in the premise that optimizes control strictly to produce cost each further, make gain loss the smallest as far as possible change.

Industry of timber of Beijing tall family name Qiao Lei of limited company president thinks, wooden door manufacturer still has the pressure that digestive part raw material rises in price now, suffer market element effect, price of door of wood of second half of the year returns meeting appreciably to go low likely this year.
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