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Real wood covers gate: Domestic outfit is medium now indispensable element
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Right contemporary family or public for, the door already was the guard against theft on traditional sense, action that shut not merely, it is the adornment with an erect the most conspicuous face more, it pays attention to its the face is beautiful with paragraph style; On the function, ask its switch freely, Jing Yin closes the sound insulation effect with two spaces. Cover gate with ligneous more the warmth that shows a family is harmonious, the door represents the portal of a family, appearance, reflect master be fond of and grade, be opposite in domestic adornment so the choice of door leaf, doorcase must be treated seriously, it is going up somehow is more important than the floor.

Effect of sound insulation of coarse, changeful form, door leaf needs money of traditional and custom-built real wood door simple, surface, and harmful material comes loose hard in paint and wooden glue, be being caused for a long time is indoor environment pollution. And contemporary adornment more and more to installation development, use finished product namely or order product direct field assembly, shortened already time limit for a project has the noise pollution that reduced the spot to make. Menkegen occupies real wood suit user site size by the factory custom-built production, the mechanization of the factory is made assure its accuracy, close sound insulation effect; On the other hand, design of suit wood door is novel, diversiform, material is planted rich, optional choose sex is bigger. Door of wood of new suit of China prosperous constant field assembly of its door leaf, doorcase is simple, can wait for other type of work to finish junior field like furniture, the management to the project is simple and orderly; Use immanent adhesive and exterior paint are professional environmental protection, final finished product also reachs level of environmental protection of national Eo class; Door of wood of new suit of China prosperous constant is planted from user choice design, material, color, come to measure to professional, installation, maintain have a complete whole journey service.

On the international market, the demand of suit wood door is bigger and bigger, basically be abroad consumer pays attention to a family to decorate the individual achievement in the process to feel more, decorate company look to compare with complete resign to, they prefer to be participated in with one's own hands. The door, the position in living in adornment is so significant, most client oneself start work installation. After service of door of suit of wood of new reality of China prosperous constant arrives in client hand, if the client asks he starts work, proper motion joining together can fall to install in the guidance of Hua Chang professional, installation working procedure is very simple, can realize “ truly your home, you decorate the household concept of ” .