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Malaysia government allocates funds 10 much Lin Zhante is aided financially buil
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The government allocates funds 10 many Lin Ji spy funds the throughout the country future is built by privately owned company inside 15 years 37. 50 thousand Hm2 is artificial forest in order to reduce the dependence to importing material.

The Malaysian is versed in forestry estate and commodity ministry minister say, the government is aided financially build artificial forest the plan was started 2006, decide total outlay formerly for 200 million, add to 2 after. 67.6 billion, the government was increased again to this project now 8. 6.5 billion.

Sha Ba city and sand are scooped up jump over a city the lumber of 30 % will sell westerly horse area. The afforestation company of requirement of the loan that provide Wu gives annual interest 3 % , but need is accorded with have the smallest land level.

The company that plants rubber tree in Malaya asks to own the land that is not less than 2500 Hm2, and the area of company demand land that grows other tree to plant is less than 1. 50 thousand Hm2. In Sha Ba city and sand are scooped up no matter cultivate what tree to plant,jump over a city, ask to the land of the company at least 1. 50 thousand Hm2,

The minister still points out, build newly artificial forest will be surely “ timber production is sustainable forest ” . Formulary tree must plant the government to degrade in “ on ground ” . A rogation of the European Union prohibits importing use in the forest, the biology fuel that produces in the crop place that go up wetly and breeds on the prairie. Malaysia also does not cultivate oil palm inside forestry reserve, on the farming ground that plans in the course however.