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Indoor door develops prospect
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The development as economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, our country builds of all kinds building every year to be 20 much square metre, include country, town, with of all kinds and public construction. Our country has a building to be 40 billion square metre already now, build 30 billion square metre even inside 10 years of future. According to the requirement that realizes comprehensive well-off, should achieve everybody, every (120 square metre) , average per capita 35 square metre. Statistical data makes clear, town average per capita is our country only now 24.97 square metre, every are 79.15 square metre only, countrywide average per capita still differs 10 much square metre, every differ 40 much square metre, this is town house merely, still have a country, public construction, transform with many old house. A building presses floor area computative, having 10 % is a window, 15 % are the door, the house that the whole nation builds every year is 2 billion square metre, the demand of door window is 500 million much square metre. This was building materials and the development that decorate an industry to bring new opportunity.  
As standard of living rise, improve bedroom condition to already became another heat that people consumes with each passing day. According to concerning sectional statistic: 1996, the production value that decorates an industry is 45 billion yuan only, the whole nation was as high as 100 billion yuan with the charge that decorates at the residence 1998, and expanded as a result of the government 1999 inside of a series of needed policy lever pull move, decorate the market more prosperous up, at present the whole nation is engaged in the domestic adornment, personnel that decorate already amounting to 3.5 million person. The expert forecasts: Be in 10 years of future, the grows bldg. of meeting prep above average rate that adorns profession of outfit cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine; Press year of growth 20 % computation, to 2010, predict to decorate the forehead to spend can achieve 625 billion yuan.  
Our country is current and even henceforth longer period, economic progress will be in a special city to spend process period from beginning to end. The city changes the corollary that is national economy progress, national economy grows certain level, inevitable conference appears the consumptive market opportunity that rural population move produces. According to expert analysis, henceforth inside 15 years, our country city changes a process to will develop continuously, will reach building adornment to decorate course of study to bring infinite business chance to course of study of bldg. , building materials from this, also be sure to bring tremendous impetus to progress of whole countryman economy. At present the development of housing mechanism is reformed, more building adornment decorated an industry to provide vast development space.  
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