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9 years middle east glass is exhibited meeting / Sha Jia glass is exhibited / wi
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9 years middle east glass is exhibited meeting / Sha Jia glass is exhibited / window of middle east door is exhibited meeting

Postpone meeting introduction:
Extend meeting time: 16-18 day will exhibit meeting site in March 2009: International of sanded Jia of A couplet chief of a tribe exhibits a center
Hold cycle: Annual one sponsors an unit: British EXPOSALE shows a company
China acts as agent: Be filled with in Beijing exhibit international business affairs to serve limited company
Glass of international of “ middle east exhibits ” is the company of exhibition orgnaization EXPOSALE that has innovation power most by England is sponsorred, it is middle east what face vitreous industry domain exclusively is special exhibit. Exhibit the media promotion that can seek advice from promotion orgnaization ASIANGALSS to be in charge of the whole world through specialized glass originally. Exhibit of the meeting the commerce that holding chief of a tribe of ground A couplet is middle east, carry, finance, travel center, also be middle east distribution centre of the biggest goods and free port. In recent years the flying development of industry of middle east construction, in future 5 years, the construction market investment of this area will exceed 80 billion dollar. Among them, building glass demand also increases increasingly, statistic shows, the investment of the vitreous industry of middle east area exceeded 600 million dollar 2005. The manufacturing business of the domain is only related the glass of middle east area 75, among them 35 are in Saudi Arabia, produce per year a quantity to be 130 thousand tons only, a couplet chief of a tribe is only 20 enterprises. Enormous market size developed middle east market to offer good opportunity for Chinese enterprise. Glass of middle east international was exhibited 2007 predict to exhibit an area to exceed 5, 000 square metre, join the amount that postpone business to will achieve 120.
Content of item on display:
Vitreous finished product and semi-manufactured goods: Act wall glass, safe glass, guard against theft / glass of ballproof glass, adiabatic sound insulation (hollow, vacuum) , clean of mosaic of tile of brick of fire prevention glass, glass, glass, glass, glass is provided, window of door of vitreous basin, glass, mirror, scuttle, container of vitreous furniture, glass reachs glass service, industrial glass: Car, train, marine glass, toughened glass, organic glass;
Vitreous fittings: Bind agent and sealant, film, vitreous polish, monitor, frame, concerned polymer, colophony, film, fluid sealant, binder, concerned metal and precious metal reach goods, colorant and dye.
Appliance of vitreous deep treatment: The machine of outfit of machine of arenaceous machine of the cleaning machine, cut machine, machine that grind an edge, engraving tool, drill, gush, bevel edge machine, discharge machine, feeder, engraved designs, forming machine, fill, quarter chamfer machine, centrifugal, machine that grind horn, polisher, , suppress machine, beforehand press, , king Kong stone mill annulus, curium piece, pink of abrasive, grind segment, wheelhead, polish, cut piece, vitreous mould.
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