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Hardware of 2009 United States is exhibited / North America is horticultural exh
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Hardware of 2009 United States is exhibited / North America is horticultural exhibit / pull this hardware tool is exhibited
One, exhibition brief introduction
Exhibition of tool of American international hardware (NHS) exhibit by encourage read extensively the group is sponsorred, held 63 successfully already up to now, it is the hardware tool goods with America the at present largest area and exhibition of outdoors and recreational articles for use. Showpiece content cent is provided for five metalworking kind, two big themes of lawn and garden world, continue to establish new product, new technology, new design to show a region. Exhibited 2008 meeting, showpiece gross area predicts to amount to 767, 000 square foot, those who come from country and the area such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea make an appointment with many 3100 enterprise to attend a meeting ginseng exhibit, predict to attend a meeting travelling merchant will exceed 30000. Adopt this commerce platform, completely beautiful shopkeeper people can solve its one-stoply to be opposite things of all hardware tool, garden, adornment is decorated, of the product such as household articles for use, small home appliance purchase demand entirely, it is the great party of completely beautiful shopkeeper. Be filled with in Beijing exhibit will exhibit business to offer comprehensive ginseng to extend a service to join. I manage assistance international market of medium and small businesses of nation of the application that postpone business develops capital allowance. It is better to exhibit an enterprise to achieve to let join show the result, my department will exhibit company product category to apply for to exhibit an area accordingly according to joining, ask intended ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to sign up as early as possible!

Showpiece time: 5-7 day will nod showpiece in May 2009: The United States pulls Siweijiasihui to exhibit a center

2, content of item on display
● hardware tool kind: Daily expense hardware, building hardware, adornment hardware, hand is moved reach dynamoelectric tool, gardens tool, machine tool tool
● DIY produces class: Wholesome clean is provided, bath hutch equipment, adornment decorates product and tool, household plastic products and wood
Steam of ● security personnel matchs kind: Lock kind, guard against theft and call the police the product; Of all kinds and electrical engineering equipment and fittings, car a replacement and maintenance tool
● gardens uses class: Lamps and lanterns of product of garden furniture and outdoors and recreational articles for use, barbecue, garden, pump kind reach electric machinery to wait

International of German division grand is Asia-Pacific household, horticultural in March 2009
Reach consumable hardware exhibition

Spain will finish in March 2009 exhibition of hardware of Er Bae international

The United States will pull period dimension to add in May 2009 this international hardware exhibition
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