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9 years Australian building materials is exhibited meeting / Sydney building mat
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9 years Australian building materials is exhibited meeting / Sydney building materials is exhibited / Australian building materials is exhibited

One, exhibition introduction:
1, exhibit meeting name: Building materials of Australian “ international and equipment exhibition ” (Designbuild - International Building Materials&Equipment Exhibition (UFI) )
2, hold time: On May 21, 2009 —23 day
3, hold city and place: Sydney can exhibit a center
4, showpiece content:
Housing materials: Stone material (marble, granitic, slate and stone of of all kinds man-made) , pottery and porcelain, model brick, rolled steel, nonferrous metal, ceramic tile, floor and carpet, gesso, lumber, linoleum, thick fine hair, cement, concrete, paint, lime, lumber, glass, wall paper; Construction machinery: Machinery of treatment facilities, construction, building is implemental, establishment of building site protective equipment, construction site; Building hardware: Warm equipment of water mouth, water, clean has hardware fittings, door (include door of ambry wall cupboard) silk screen of window and fittings of door window hardware, valve, fastener, standard component, hammer; The heating air conditioning, equipment that defend bath, water heater and illume of building of equipment of form a complete set; Build goods and structure, window of material of ground of material of body of structure of heat-insulating material of technology of system of security of net of canal of housetop, project, fire prevention, building, chemical building materials, heat preservation, roofing, wall, waterproof, shop, door and accessory, electrical engineering equipment, elevator, how to prevent air conditioning of product, heat addition equipment.

5, previous term or session extends meeting case: Since was begun 1987, annual, hold in Sydney and Melbourne by turns.
The 22nd Designbuild exhibited a center to hold in Australian Melbourne international in June 2008, postpone business 754,
The major that comes from America, Europe and Asian area visits business to have delegate of business of international architect, stylist, development, engineer, government, contractor, importer and agency 9702,
Exhibit can be build an industry important and decision-making level face-to-face communication opportunity,
Exhibited business to offer a very charming channel that opens Australia and international market to international ginseng.

(additionally other abroad integrated building materials is exhibited meeting woodworker exhibits meeting Bo Bo the meeting, greeting incoming telegram hangs down ask! ! )

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