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Door pane discretion needs to choose
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Common toughened glass is the safest
If two side glass all chooses room inside and outside toughened glass, criterion indoors outside raised glass to have impact resistance and security greatly. Because the impact resistance of toughened glass is common glass 5 to 10 times, its fight curved sex is common glass 3 to 5 times, safety of it may be said is excellent.

The glass of plated film of room absorption of heat of the rising sun or with a western exposure

Face south or be the room of with a western exposure, the side outside the bedroom can choose glass of plated film of absorption of heat, indoor side chooses common white glass. Because glass of absorption of heat absorbs infra-red light, can damply 20% to the solar energy of 30% incident, reduce thereby enter indoor heat energy, in the summer, can drop the negative charge of air conditioning; In winter, as a result of absorb infra-red light and make oneself temperature elevatory, outside can resisting thereby cold, yike achieves energy-saving result. Because glass of absorption of heat is color glass, so, be in energy-saving while, adornment effect is apparent also.

Hollow glass is more energy-saving

As a result of sealed intermediate air layer coefficient of thermal conductivity relatively of glass low much, accordingly, with sheet piece vitreous photograph is compared, the heat proof quality of hollow glass can rise double, to can dropping report of its bad news substantially of the building of air conditioning. Summer is OK and adiabatic 70% above, maintain indoor central heating in the winter not easy prediction of a person's luck in a given year, reduce loss of quantity of heat to be able to be amounted to 40% , have the effect of heat preservation, warm summerly cool winter thereby turn into reality.

In the winter, odd a glass because difference in temperature of room inside and outside concerns, in vitreous surface easy cause knot dew, the thermal resistance of hollow glass is greater, the glass of indoor a side is in the environment with higher temperature is not easy cooling, because this not easy also knot is shown, and its ministry is sealed, airy moisture is absorbed by desiccative, also won't appear in secondary floor roric, vitreous surface can keep level off, clear from beginning to end.

Multilayer and compound hollow glass increases special type safety factor

Because be in,silk screen becomes the framework that prop up, have function of particular safe fire prevention, basically use at enchasing to be in fire prevention door, window, partition and other need fire prevention, shock-proof place. Multilayer and compound glass still can be offerred guard against theft, ballproof, defend cruel performance. This kind of glass is be in two or film is placed between three-layer toughened glass or place silk, and be called multilayer and compound sandwich glass. Because chose toughened glass, so its fight concussion ability to be able to rise greatly, and once broken, because of intermediate film stick receive effect, make glass breaks broken bits is not sent fall off, still rise stop action, multilayer and compound hollow glass can raise installation particular kind the safety factor of the room.
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