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Choose and buy an appropriate lock
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Lock and we live daily inseparable. Buy good lock come home, the main mission that bear safety guards, still reveal the artistic effect that make the finishing point. Buy a lock, should think of the good of the lock above all, how entering a gate, still install indoors of the door?
Door lock in building includes commonly hold door lock of hand door lock, fire prevention of guard against theft and electronic IC block the door to lock up 3 kinds big. Among them, electronic IC blocks the door to lock up unsuited family to use, because prevent the function of prize to go up from guard against theft,look, the electron is locked up and do not bear fruit than mechanical lock, but the price is a lot of higher however, basically apply to the place such as guesthouse, restaurant so. The door of guard against theft that door lock of fire prevention of guard against theft uses at the bedroom and enter a gate, what at present great majority uses is structure of three azimuth insurance, namely 3 bolt chain respectively hold hand and fluctuation bolt. The capable person that the lock should note when choosing pledges and concern a section detect certificate of conformity.

On the market hold color of hand door lock is rich, have chromic quality of titanium of aureate, plating, silver-gilt, plating, still have copy Mu Wen, those who wear facial expression of gem of bronze of arenaceous, copy, copy. Which kinds of color, ask the surface is exquisite and slick, without the stain, caustic that do not have rust.

Decorate an illuminative as household meticulous change and deep administrative levels develops, the application of the lock is more specific also, if be used in the sliding door lock on sliding door, with the vitreous lock on vitreous door, children room appropriative touchs spring lock to wait a moment, but applied range is wide still is hold hand door lock. Hold cent of hand door lock is spherical lock and hold the lock two kinds of design. The stainless steel shower room that one kind provides waterproof function is spherical lock, design for toilet only. After entering toilet, by control indoor side hold hand insurance pushbutton, the door is chained namely.

The most important still is the quality of the lock. When you choose a lock, should buy a brand as far as possible famous degree of a few more expensive product, because here is existing,an each other drives the issue of rate.

Each other leaves lead the each other that those who point to is lock and key to drive proportion, the Suo Yue that opens the key is little, the sex of on the safe side that shows this lock is stronger. The each other that at present world famous brand locks up leaves rate have tens of thousands of only 1/0, homebred lock is outstanding the each other of the brand leaves rate also be in 1/6000 the left and right sides, and of a little frame-up compasses, the product each other of the production locking up a factory that did not produce actual strength leaves rate amount to however 1/30, such lock, sex of on the safe side is too poor. Good brand product, although the price slightly tall, but the quality of the lock had assure, still be worthiness. If you still want to select the product with low price, so you can choose key tooth flower to count much lock as far as possible, because of the tooth of the key beautiful number is jumped over much, otherness is bigger, the each other of the lock leaves rate is lower.
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