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Protection and adornment recognize the action that door window covers
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Door window set has protection and illuminative function.
Door window covers the function that having foul line of protective wall body, still can join the binding off of interior decoration material, make with craft more perfect. The door covers the effect that still having fixed door leaf, cover without the door, door leaf can install difference of not firm, sealed effect to wait; The window is covered still can repair window frame in decorating a process sealed and disloyal, ventilated and flat defect. Door window covers itself to still have quite outstanding adornment effect. Door window is covered is one of main content that the family decorates, the style that qualitative, colour decorates to whole family is having its modelling, capable person very main effect. Great majority family does door window to cover, accordingly, do what kind of door window to cover, going up somehow the individual character that decided the home is installed.