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Door window hardware guideline of choose and buy
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Hinge kind hardware
Hinge kind main breed divides hardware hinge of door of slideway of door hinge, drawer, cupboard 3 kinds. Door hinge material is complete copper and stainless steel two kinds. Odd the standard is a hinge area 10cm×3cm and 10cm×4cm, axial diameter reachs 1.3cm in 1.1cm in between, hinge wall is large come for 2.5mm 3mm, when choosing a page do not have noise easily for open, the axis in should choosing hinge is embedded of ball bearing for beautiful. Drawer slideway cent is 3 2 course, course two kinds, outside paint and the eletroplate brightness when the choice, bearing annulus clearance and strong sex decided the drawer leaves those who close is agile with noise, should choose wear-resisting and roll to bearing equably annulus.

Cent of cupboard door hinge takes off discharge type to take off discharge type and blame two kinds, cent of position of the cover after be being shut with cupboard door again is big turn, medium curved, straight turn 3 kinds, general with in the turn is given priority to. Outside choosing hinge to slip besides Yao of level off of surface of hinge of range estimation, handle, should notice the restoration function of hinge bedspring is close friends, can open hinge 95 degrees, press hinge both sides forcibly with the hand pressure, observation supporting spring piece changeless form, do not break off, the very strong product that is quality qualification.

Shake handshandle, hold the lock such as hand lock

The material of shake handshandle has zincic alloy, copper, aluminous, stainless steel, plastic, log, pottery and porcelain to wait. For the furniture form a complete set with all sorts of styles, the appearance of shake handshandle, colour is more 1000 endowment 100 condition, colourful. The course eletroplates and the shake handshandle of electrostatic spray paint, have wear-resisting and anticorrosion effect, when the choice besides decorating color photograph be identical with the bedroom, still should bear larger pulling force, general handle should bear the pulling force of 6 kilograms of above.

As the progressively subsidise of globose lock, of collect switch, adornment and handle three-in-one function hold hand lock becomes the fashionable lock in living in adornment. Hold hand lock can be divided by material for alloy of die-casting of aerospace aluminium, stainless steel, copper, zinc a few kinds, material of aerospace aluminium, stainless steel is advanced, through exterior craft processing, burnish is bright beautiful, feel is downy, although of classics sweat fluid, humidity corrode not easy however Ken color and rusty. Die-casting copper hold hand lock is relatively thick, price moderate, and the zincic alloy with partial inferior quality hold when hand lock is used break off more easily, as a result of zincic alloy hold the hand locks up exterior copper facing, when the choose and buy with cupreous die-casting hold the hand locks up not easy distinction, usable defeat knife is in two kinds hold hand lock motherboard handles defeat instead, the die-casting is uranium with extensive lubricious brass hold hand lock, an alloy is zinc of extensive silvery white hold hand lock.
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