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The 3 points of door of guard against theft of choose and buy
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New mandatory national level " exit of guard against theft is general technical condition " since was being carried out on April 1 this year oneself, door of old standard guard against theft still has carry out in the market. For this, shanxi saves disappear assist special warn customer, the following points should note when exit of guard against theft of choose and buy:
It is the door of guard against theft that should understand qualification use three azimuth lock commonly, not only door lock lock is decided, fluctuation rail can insert a lock to decide, face each other tries to secure. Inferior goods is not had commonly the lock was decided at 3 o'clock or free the lock decided a structure at 3 o'clock. Most door still is embedded on doorcase have balata sealing strip, harsh metallic collision tone won't be given out when closing the door. Should special attention is checked have without weld defects, of fan of guard the entrance and doorcase cooperate close-grained, whether does clearance agree equably, open is agile, all connect are close-grained, paint eletroplates firm wait glossily.

2 it is to should examine the exit of guard against theft that operator offers to examine report, examine to should accord with new GB as a result. The level of safety of guard against theft of gate of new mark brigadier guard against theft by original C, B, class A, add to class of armour, second, third, Ding Si, corresponding phonetic alphabet code name is J, Y, B, D respectively, armour is the superlative degree, ordinal and degressive. New standard still increased to be able to help the content of true bogus of door of consumer identifying guard against theft, ask to be in namely hinge of inside of door of guard against theft (hinge) of the horn on the edge locally due the permanent fixed number that Song Tiao imprints. Mark divides composition by 3 in all, legend is phonetic alphabet, from left to right it is respectively: Level of safety of code name of feature of exit of guard against theft, guard against theft and enterprise define a feature oneself. If do not have this mark, do not accord with the exit of guard against theft of new GB namely.

3 it is the distinction that should distinguish exit of guard against theft and metallic door. When ordering goods, let operator say in trade name the column makes clear door of guard against theft, in case illegal operator uses steeliness door, defend the door, door that prevent prize, armor door pretend to be door of guard against theft; Before installation, should check objective and order goods sample is same; Remember asking for even finally guarantee the receipt such as card, bill, so that appear,seasonable thought fors the time being after the problem.