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Unscramble the construction of door window and classification in detail
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(one) the construction of door window
1. Press the open means classification of door window

(1) smooth open the door window: Door casement leaves upcountry or leave outwards.

(2) sliding door window: Door casement is opened shut use transverse and mobile means.

(3) fold door: The door leaf when open is OK fold is together. (4) revolving door window: Door casement is shut with turning means is opened. Turn the window includes to go up dangerous window, next hanging window of window, horizontally pivoted hung, stand turn the window.

(5) single or double acting door: Of the door of bedspring hinge, the meeting after open is shut automatically.

(6) other door: Include a rolling door, litre fall the door, on turn over the door to wait.

2. Material of the window that press the door can divide for: Window of window of wooden door window, plastic door window, aluminium alloy door, steel door window, door of glass reinforced plastics, ferroconcrete.

3. By the function of door window cent is: Sound proof door of door of shutter door window, heat preservation, fire prevention door.

4. Press the position of door window: Door cent is mixed for external door inside the door. Window cent is side window (on the wall outside be being set inside) with scuttle.

(2) the construction of door leaf

1. Framed door or panel door: Door leaf is mixed by framework a core board composition. Paraclete core board can be board, plywood, horniness beaverboard, plastic board, glass. When core board is glass, it is vitreous door. Door core is gauze or when 100 pages, it is gauze door or 100 pages door. OK also according to need, the part uses glass, yarn or 100 pages, if 100 pages combine upside glass, bottom,wait for means.

2. Flush door: Light-duty framework is among, two sides sticks the laminose door such as plywood, beaverboard. It is indoor door commonly.

3. Makeup door: Spell the door that close and becomes with board. Hard usage, it is a gate more.