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Manufacturer agrees with desquamate wood door to be able to return plant mainten
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Mr He that lives in Nanchang county An Fuzhen is a businessmen, opened store of a furniture, he is very irritated recently, in succession the client searchs come to say, what he sells the wooden door that go out to appear serious “ desquamate ” , have the problem such as beat. Mr He says, these wooden doors are from the province “ of market of building materials packaging leaves open the door brand shop of ” of course of study is bought, when bargaining, the other side calls him to look for manufacturer directly however, shift responsibility completely. To this, mr He is furious very, he says he wants to denounce a view anyhow. Mr He says, via person introduction, he begins from last year and “ leaves open the door to brand shop of ” of course of study is contacted and do business, last year in November the middle ten days of a month, he comes to this brand shop, prepare wholesale door of a batch of wood. Introduce through brand shop staff member, mr He bought the wooden door of 13 red nut-brown in brand shop, every door 300 yuan, add up to 3900 yuan. When “ is choosing at that time, the boss says to me, quality of door of wood of this kind of brand is very good, sell well. He returns personally to say to my acceptance: Ensure wooden door quality, the client is in use process, door of wood of the discovery inside a year appears the breakdown such as a beat, craze, they can assume full responsibility. Had his commitment, I with respect to know fairly well, also was at ease, I am opposite face about likewise the client also makes such commitment. Mr ” Mr He says, regrettablly is at that time did not make clear these content on contract of purchase and sale, after purchasing wooden door, sell very quickly with respect to pass on went out. But, began January from this year, many client mirrors to him: After Mumenan is installed, discover the beat since much place surface unexpectedly, put in quality problem.
“ I come to examine, really very serious, some wooden doors cannot see red nut-brown even, and resemble growing n/med leprosy dysentery after some desquamate same, very ugly. After Mumenduo counts installation, these are used only 2 to 3 months, these clients look for me to ask to withdraw fund in succession, but I also am a victim. Mr ” Mr He expresses, after this, he for many times with brand shop bargaining, demand the other side fulfils a promise, assume full responsibility, those who make a person furious is, because weather reason is brought about,the other side considers as however at the beginning, be not quality problem, after looking to the spot, call him to look for manufacturer directly again, subsequently with respect to ignore. Mr He says, so far, the 13 wood door that he purchases formerly appears entirely serious “ desquamate ” , have bosomy problem.

Controller of this brand shop wears a manager to express, the wooden door that they sell is the money that takes from manufacturer entirely, did not encounter this kind of problem before, the course before leaving factory normally detects, should not put in quality problem. She says, they just are in charge of a representative selling, the corresponding quality problem that wooden door appears, still must with manufacturer home bargaining. “ the principle that is in charge of distribute according to who, you ought to assume corresponding responsibility, how can you push? ” is right this, wear a manager to say, they do not have shirk responsibility, this kind of circumstance needs manufacturer to appear personally really will handle, because involve an amount more. Final classics is harmonious, wear a manager to agree, send 13 problems door toward manufacturer retexture, still can undertake negotiation settlement with respect to compensatory problem additionally, give consumer a satisfactory answer as far as possible.
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