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Be vigilant! Door window rebuilds easy reduce aseismatic performance
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“ is our house aseismatic? ” is latter, what housing decorates is shock-proof and aseismatic the attention that caused industry and consumer again with living safety problem. Beijing building designs academy architect Wang Xiaodong to say, building dish one of premise of start working reach aseismatic state level namely, because this amounts to the building of mark,itself is very safe. But when decorating, tear open at will change building structure, increase the ground to load, change the way such as cop in disorder, can bring safe hidden trouble to the building.
Body of wall of hidden trouble 1/ is torn open change, stiletto

In decorating a process, the structure of the building and integral layout cannot change with be being torn open at will, although dispute main wall also should be not demolished, should not open a window at will more, change the door. Additional, most tool is being used when household is decorated is electric drill, be in sometimes wall double is same height stiletto, meet what reduce main wall greatly bearing ability, also destroyed building security. Actually, bag door is covered, bag dumb mouth can use the steel hammer that fires a gun to secure wooden keel or plank go up in the wall, also can use bind agent or construction rubber is stickup.

Hidden trouble 2, demolish family of some of the wall below balcony window to be when decorate increase interior space or convenient daylighting, remove the wall below the window of the balcony, this is absolutely mistake. The wall below the balcony, girth and window is a whole, the window is glazing above next walls, although do not have bearinged effect, but a side that there is in relief bedplate below the wall, rising to bearing likewise action.

Hidden trouble 3, the ground is decorated overweight

In current house design, the ground does not have the load of use stone material. In be being decorated because of this family, the ground had better not use stone material, especially heavier marble.

Additional, no matter be use floor tile or granite,the ground is decorated, the ply of integral construction should not exceed 2 centimeters. According to safe provision, the weight of material of building floor adornment must not exceed 40 kilograms / square metre.

Hidden trouble 4, pensile and heavy-duty ornamental

The installation of the lamps and lanterns such as crystal droplight and put should notice safety, the installation of pensile article cannot use a stopper plastic perhaps bilge a place of strategic importance, must choose to expand bolt. When at the same time consumer is choosing lamps and lanterns, choose weight as far as possible a bit light, install the upper part of escape bed or seat, lest fall,injure a person.

Hidden trouble 5, cop alters at will

Light gas and canalage conduit to transform, electric transform should notice safety and standard, can mix as soon as possible when producing calamity especially shut conveniently. Notice use data wants standard, security at the same time. If cop installation is inside wall body, destroy easily after sufferring outside force, dissilient, control hard.
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