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Intellectual lecture masters 7 points to choose wooden door to be done easily ca
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The issue of quality stand or fall of a door closes whole bedroom decorate the effect, nowadays, most other people can choose wooden door.

When choosing wooden door, you want to understand the characteristic of all sorts of wood doors somewhat above all.

For instance, the characteristic that real wood sticks side door is beautiful, modelling is out of shape liberally, not easily, the price is cheaper also; The characteristic of door of wood of log design and color is luxurious, modelling is thick, price on the high side, changeful form; Characteristic of door of miscellaneous wood wood is not changeful form, the price also under door of wood of log design and color.

Additional, flat door characteristic is flowing, easy, Yi Qingjie, use at adornment to decorate concise, simple household normally in; And door of ligneous metal grid, have contemporary illuminative breath and local color particularly, be like metallic model lines of black, the doorcase of log color, hazy glass, itself is a decorous, delicate artwork.

In choosing wooden door course specificly, we still must understand the following at 7 o'clock:

1. wants goods to compare 3, to the commodity of same pattern, same brand, want to consider integratedly from the respect such as quality, price, service.

2. certain door, should make clear whole to decorate the style of the design above all, choose to it the door window of form a complete set.

Next, answer to decide according to using a room its use a function. If the basis uses place and utility,can divide for general adornment the door, shutter door is mixed the adornment door that takes glass is waited a moment. General adornment door can make a door; Shutter door basically is installed facilitate in store ventilated; And the adornment door that takes glass can install the part such as the hallway in the bedroom, in order to increase adornment result.

Of 3. door with expect the select material photograph that should decorate with whole is consistent.

For instance, if the wooden floor of the bedroom is chosen, is northeast china ash, also should choose material of northeast china ash when wooden door adornment is decorated so.

4. chooses wooden door material to should choose stoving to expect, pass manufacturer namely the timber of dry processing, and unfavorable the timber that chooses natural airing.

The drawback with the biggest timber of airing is changeful form, time grows can appear be out of shape or weather-shack wait for a phenomenon, can make the beautiful modelling of whole fan door and adornment effect big sell at a discount. So, in order when making the door, had better answer choice major manufacturer is made for you or professional manufacturer machines board goods, in order to ensure quality.

5. asks for a product to guarantee to businessman or manufacturer card.

The material that wooden door must make clear on 6. bill, contract qualitative, norms, amount, price, amount.
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