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You choose Taoism of adept guard the entrance wooden door
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The bedroom is rest room, the requirement is quiet, bedroom door is indoor the mainest door, because this chooses the door to want to consider sound insulation effect already, also want to consider to decorate the effect. Door of completely real wood, solid Mu Fu closes the door, mould pressing door these 3 kinds of products are current the main product on the market.
Door of completely real wood
Real wood door is make door core with natural log, through dry processing, machine and become. What place of door of high-grade fact wood chooses is rare wood more. The price of real wood door uses makings, grain to wait because of its lumber different and somewhat difference, market price case is in 2000 - 3000 yuan differ, among them high-grade real wood has wood of Walnut, cherry, Shabili, Hua Limu to wait, and a price amounts to classy teak door 3000 - 4000 yuan. Door of pure real wood is taller to making craft ask, defatted processing has gotten requirement dehydrate, allow changeful form, craze otherwise, the big plant family property that should choose to have actual strength so is tasted.
There still is door of a kind of real wood on market, although material also is ligneous completely, but become framework with real wood, with wood core board, beaverboard makes door core, the surface sticks advanced wood skin, maintain the style of real wood door, the value is relatively inferior, but once be affected with damp be affected with damp, easy come unglued, craze, mildew changes.
Solid Mu Fu closes the door
The door breed of composite material is very much, it is do with real wood inside prop up or frame, affix face plate of high density fiber medium perhaps the artificial synthesis material such as fine board, particieboard, last face affixes those who take Mu Wen and colorific paper or PVC film make it again. The modelling of compound door is diversiform, design is rich, price is cheaper, one is in roughly 600 - 1000 yuan or so, the youth that gets pursuit style quite loves. Nevertheless, because among them a few products use glue and lumber processing to close nevertheless, do not be able to bear or endure water, produce pollution easily.
Mould pressing door
Door of mould pressing wood serves as a kind of compound door, because the value is realer wooden door more economy is substantial, and safe and convenient, get thereby the favour of average household. Door of mould pressing wood is the skin of door of mould pressing of high density fiber that carries modelling and emulation wood grain by two board classics machinery squelchs and become. Have moistureproof, coefficient of expansion small, fight metabolic character, after use period of time, won't appear exterior chap and oxidation become angry wait for a phenomenon. Door of general wood of compound mould pressing takes neuter white priming paint when delivery, after consumer can come home, the basis goes up in white neutral priming paint individual be fond of again chromatically, satisfied the requirement of consumer individuation. The photograph is manualer for made real wood door, what mould pressing door uses is mechanization production, its cost is so low also. Current, the door of mould pressing wood on the market is in more 380-500 yuan. Because be hollow inside door plank, effect of natural sound insulation also should be differred for door of relatively real wood some. Mould pressing door still has a problem notable, that is it of harmful gas release a likelihood to cause indoor pollution.
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