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Characteristic of qualitative, craft reachs the capable person of wooden door ap
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B. Paper sticks a face to decorate door plank
Collect affix an official seal to brush adornment paper to stick the adornment door plank of the face namely. What stick face craft according to decorating paper is different can divide again stick face and macerate paper to stick a face to wait for common paper. Common paper sticks a face is to show affix an official seal brushs adornment paper to be stuck in besmear to cross the substrate of glue to go up directly, have the technique of processing of paint cover with paint next; Macerate paper sticks a face is first presswork paper uses synthetic resin macerate, drying, put hot pressing together with substrate again next, make colophony fused and stickup face method is stuck on substrate. Of this kinds of craft paint daub on a wall not must have again after sticking face plate hot pressing, itself has the shining, wear-resisting, characteristic such as heat-resisting. The sort of the synthetic resin that paper of macerate of in order to sticks a face is very much, the most commonly used is 3 get together cyanogen amine colophony. This kind of colophony application is the earliest and function good, brightness is tall, but the pressure that stick a face technology of tall, hot pressing is sophisticated. Except 3 get together outside cyanogen amine colophony, still have modified 3 get together benzene of cyanogen amine colophony, adjacent fat of propylene of 2 formic acid (DAP) , phenolic aldehyde colophony.
C. Plastic film sticks face door plank
Use plastic film namely (the most commonly used is polyvinyl chloride film) the adornment door plank that undertakes sticking a face.
Plastic film sticks face door plank to have need not the characteristic such as diversity of paint, breed, plastic film what go up in substrate is stickup have smooth press law and roller to control a standard. The commonly used glue that stick a face has fourth fine balata is adhesive, get together latex of acetic acid ethylene.
D. Door plank of model steel carve patterns or designs on woodwork
This is one kind is used special and plastic the door plank that sticks a face. Of this kind of door plank plastic sticking a face is course treatment, have various raised pattern (if pursue 29) . But because these design are raised, and raised part is empty, in make hollow door plank and in carrying very no-go.
③ printing decorates door plank
The method that adopts affix an official seal to brush namely boils on the substrate such as plywood or beaverboard imprint an all sorts of woodiness grain design, hand-in-hand travel paints cover with paint produces the door plank that go out. The primary process of this kinds of door plank is as follows:
→ of the impression on → of substrate arenaceous light rolls Yin Muwen above → of drying of → of the priming paint on manage design → lacquer → drying
See not hard from inside its process, because design of its wood grain is to boil,imprint, consequently sense of reality should be differred a bit a few
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