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Characteristic of qualitative, craft reachs the capable person of wooden door ap
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One, characteristic of qualitative, craft reachs the capable person of real wood door application
Real wood door is to point to the wooden door that objective capable person pledges and internal ability unites completely character. Generally refer to is all the wooden door of all sorts of kinds that have this characteristic, the half glass door that includes real wood to make and vitreous door.
1. Real wood door is main characteristic
Here talks about the main characteristic of real wood door, advocate a few outstanding characteristics that if point to the distinction of real wood door,Yu Fu closes the door and hollow door.
Natural sex: It is the character that can satisfy people what show place of real wood door is had to enjoy nature. Develop in height of science and technology today, artificial complex material is increasing, natural material is in short supply increasingly however. But the buildup that protects consciousness as a result of consciousness of people environmental protection and ego, already became a kind of fashion to the pursuit of natural material, this makes the natural sex of real wood door, become a kind of character that people takes seriously very.

Showily sex: It is to point to real wood door often draw materials is planted at precious tree and the character that machines fine carve of technology energy carve. As a result of people consumption level rise ceaselessly, the lumber that in order to makes real wood door is common lumber no longer, it is a few precious trees that have a lot of good character are planted commonly, wait like beech, northeast china ash, this makes sheet of real wood door pledges from material on tell have very good simple sense and impressions. In the meantime, because the cost of material is higher, virtually promoted people to rise in the careful degree in the process that make again, raised its to view and admire a gender further thereby.
But, we discover not hard, as a result of real wood door cost of material is tall, the utilization rate of material gets again lumber is natural of blemish great restrict, use technical height development integratedly in lumber today, telling door of wood of the fact that make from some kind of meaning is a kind of bigger resources waste. Consequently of real wood door popularize application to get very big restrict.
2. The manufacturing technology of real wood door
The primary process of real wood door is: Component of dry → of the → that make material is machined (underline, dig of next makings, mill is machined) → spells outfit → to cut paint of → of edge → nap into parts
3. The craft characteristic of real wood door
(Of 1) lumber dry it is the crucial process that real wood door makes
The dry working procedure of lumber in real wood door action of the key in making basically reflects in 3 respects: Above all, the dry quality of lumber decided the volume recovery of lumber. Plant to precious tree especially lumber will tell, have important sense. The 2nd, the dry quality of lumber decided the exterior quality of finished product of real wood door. The 3rd, the dry quality of lumber is to decide whether real wood door is met the payoff of warpage. Be in consequently the in making, wants to control good lumber strictly above all dry process of real wood door, should prevent lumber already dry medium craze is out of shape, want to make its moisture content even again, and reach each district use a level.
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