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Characteristic of qualitative, craft reachs the capable person of wooden door ap
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3, characteristic of qualitative, craft reachs the capable person of hollow door application
Hollow door is to point to it is framework with lumber, all sorts of laminose material that come out with plywood, thin beaverboard and its derive are the wooden door of face plate. Here continue to use is hollow the view of the door is distinction wait at real wood door and of character, in fact hollow door is not hollow completely, of hollow door among place the filling that has all sorts of kinds commonly, just not be complete sincere commonly just.
1. The main characteristic of hollow door:
Hollow door basically is had qualitative light, make convenient, cost low characteristic. Compare with real wood door and photograph of compound wood door, as a result of the adoption of hollow structure, make of hollow door reduce greatly again oneself, thereby very be helpful for avoiding door leaf to produce prolapse in use process. Be optimized to what whole builds a structure and improve the significance with also be had particular. On the other hand, because hollow door structure is simple, make convenient, manufacturing cost is relatively inferior, agree with to large area is popularized and gain ground in application.
2. The manufacturing technology of hollow door:
Process of hollow door production is opposite relatively simple, common working procedure is as follows:
Next makings (framework uses makings, door plank) framework of → gelatinize → goes all out with door plank add up to → cold pressure (hot pressing) → reduces a limit
(The framework of 1) hollow door
The framework of hollow door is the material qualitative make it such as Korean pine or Bai Song, fir commonly. Before make, lumber should undertake strict dry processing, when make moisture content should balance moisture content under place.
The framework of hollow door has a variety of forms in applying actually, there is specific provision in standard atlas waiting like J642, 88ZJ601 in a few occupation standard or area standard. But the use that did not consider filling commonly in these standards, also did not consider a few more special door plank that appear in recent years (if the reverse side is door plank of uneven mould pressing) particular case. This has certain difference with the actual condition that at present a lot of hollow doors produce manufacturer to use aggrandizement filling and new-style door plank generally. It is consequently in the industry standard of a lot of manufacturer, undertook formulary afresh according to the circumstance.
If pursue,frame structure uses words of 26 shown “ eye “ relatively at present more, because this kind of structure is a kind of basiccer structure,this basically is, it basically can satisfy the hollow door door plank of all sorts of types to ask. But, inspects those who provide system to make door different (if contain the door of 100 leaves) with door plank form different, when providing system to make there also often should be change a bit on the structure (the installation that if make,Mu Baixie should consider when shutter door needs) .
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