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The yield of Chinese woodiness door is divisional cloth
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Strengthen as what our country infrastructure builds, western big development, Beijing is held the Olympic Games and Shanghai were held 2008 meeting and our country city turned world gain 2010 of the process accelerate, industry of door of our country wood greeted new development opportunity and vast development space. It is during the 10th Five-Year Plan of our country, area of complete of plan of countrywide urban and rural residence is 7.8 billion square metre (among them town house makes an appointment with house of 3.5 billion square metre, country 4.3 billion square metre) ; Additionally industrial workshop builds about 1.2 billion square metre, public facilities builds about 800 million square metre, transform plus dangerous house, old house, total floor area can amount to about a hundred 100 million square metre, need wooden door 1.5—2.0 in all about 100 million square metre, china becomes the state with the biggest demand of world load door undoubtedly, this brought huge market space to wooden door industry, the wooden door job that also gives China brought the spring of development. If use a word to describe the current situation of industry of door of wood of current our country, so, “ group ” of Ying Hui a gathering of things or people is again appropriate did not pass. A few years short time, thousands of home companies hold water in succession, come in the column that adds wooden door production. In light of the characteristic that distributings with respect to enterprise of door of our country wood, district sex difference is relatively apparent: East, upper divisional cloth is the widest, produce a division relatively concentration; Medium, western the area distributings relatively east, north is little, produce an area to disperse quite. Overall and character, division of production of countrywide wood door can differentiate roughly for area of big Beijing ferry, northeast area, bead 6 large area such as trigonometry area, long triangle area, northwest area and southwest.
Area of ferry of 1 big Beijing
Our region is a center with Beijing, Tianjin, Heibei, Shandong.
Our region is major sales volume of product of area wood door is larger, because be located in capital and belt of capital week border district, the consumption level of area of big Beijing ferry is higher, so the price on the high side of wooden door. Market of costume of together with home is numerous, traffic develops, whole the large network that area of big Beijing ferry became door of a wood to sell repeatedly, exciting manufacturer improves product quality, enlarge sale limits, increase the sales volume that its product is in our region, have the market dominant position that comparative. Of course, the price of the product also can be mixed as the strength of the brand rise and rise of product quality.
Representative enterprise has: Total plant of Beijing construction lumber, Jilin dark is versed in limited company of branch of course of study of door of limited company Beijing, Beijing Kang Jie furniture, Beijing doors door window of great exploit door sends wooden industry in limited company, Tianjin window of door of special type of Long Jia of limited company, Tianjin general of boast of limited company, Tianjin
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